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St. Alphonsus' Collegiate Formation House
Cebu City

The collegiate is the first stage of training or  formation for high school graduates who want to become Redemptorists. The college seminarians or "collegians" reside in St. Alphonsus' Collegiate Formation House in Cebu City. This is their home during the four years of collegiate.

Criteria for Acceptance to the Collegiate


1. Normal  good health, testified to by our doctor and be sufficiently strong for the rigors of missionary life.

2. There must be a probability that he can maintain his health in the Congregation especially in cases of family or hereditary illness.


1. Normal mental health as testified to in an initial personality test

2. Even a risk of serious mental illness is enough to exclude one from admission (ex. schizophrenia).


1. It should be clear that there is a basis in faith (an indication from the family background) for his desire to join the collegiate.

2. Evidence that he is motivated by some altruistic Christian ideals.

3. He should have been living a decent life, giving some indication that he could live the vows.

4. He should be attending Sunday Mass on a regular basis or another form of community worship, if there is no Mass in his home place.


1. He should have an average I.Q. of 95, with a minimum Raven score of 100 and Otis score of 90. However, these figures need not be taken absolutely mathematically.

2. His academic records should indicate he can tackle the necessary studies.


1. There should be indications that after some years he could live the Redemptorist missionary life.

2. He should have some initial awareness of the situation of the Church and the country and be involved in school and church activities.


1. He should show normal affective development for his age.
2. He should have normal emotional control for his age.
3. He should show ability to get along normally with others.
4. He should indicate an ease with his own masculine identity.


1. He should show some initiative and ability to assume leadership.
2. He is expected to show interest in others and concern for their welfare
3. A sense of belonging
4. He should be seen to take good care  of the goods of the community and of the goods of others.
5. He should be seen to have a facility for making friends.



The general objective of the collegiate is to help the collegians go through the normal development of an adolescent Christian towards maturity on all levels, in the context of a perceived call from God to be a Redemptorist.

Spiritual Life

1. to get know the person of Christ and to develop a personal relationship with him through reading and reflection, personal prayer and the celebration of the sacraments.

2. to come to a clearer understanding of the special strengths and weaknesses of the Christian community in the Philippines.

3. to obtain a knowledge and experience of Redemptorist spirituality and the Alphonsian charism.

4. to develop a filial relationship with our Blessed Mother Mary based on admiration, gratitude and trust.

5. to grow in the awareness of self in the context of grace and sin, working towards the acquisition of virtues and elimination of vice thus experiencing conversion.

Academic Life

1. to acquire understanding of the mind and heart of Christ (his outlook, his values and his attitudes towards his Father and towards people and of his saving life and mission).

2. to gain professional knowledge of the human sciences and other matters needed in preparation for their post-graduate studies in theology.

3. to acquire the self-discipline of serious study and critical thinking

4. to develop communication skills and other faculties necessary to connect  his intellectual pursuits with the realities of life.

5. to become a person who loves to read worthwhile books

6. to attain reasonable proficiency in written and spoken English.

Apostolic Life

1. to begin to develop and a sense of mission, being sent by Christ through the work of the church.

2. to initiate them into the apostolic life of the Redemptorist

3. to make them aware of the life of the poor

4. to be able to see things from a Gospel point of view

5. to challenge them to relate to ordinary people with the compassion of Christ.

6. to arouse in them a spirit of generosity

7. to acquire a faith that can read the "signs of the times"

Affective Life

1. to help them become aware of the dynamics of their emotional life as an essential element in their growth towards emotional balance and maturity.

2. to help them develop openness and honesty with themselves and with others as necessary requirement for growth in formation.

3. to help build up their individual identity by reflection on and analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and by appropriate follow up action on these.

4. to encourage them to have healthy relationships with their peer group, with the opposite sex and with others.

5. to facilitate growth in their understanding and acceptance of their sexuality in order to be able to choose freely the celibate life.

6. to build the atmosphere where they can express their  true self.

Community Life

1. to develop facility for teamwork and living in community

2. to develop personal initiative and leadership qualities within and outside the collegiate  community

3. to facilitate a deeper appreciation of their identity as persons in formation

4. to challenge them to appreciate the collegiate as their basic and primary community

5. to lead them to appreciate the role of authority in christian community life

6. to encourage trust in the role of the formator in facilitating and guiding their growth



Spiritual Life

1. daily celebration of the Eucharist as the center of one's life (with brief homily)
2. individual and community meditation
3. morning and evening prayers
4. devotions to Mary
5. devotions to the Blessed Sacrament (weekly exposition/benediction)
6. liturgical celebrations (Advent, Lent)
7. community monthly recollection and annual retreats
8. regular inputs on Christian life, the Church and the Sacraments
9. regular inputs on Redemptorist and Alphonsian Spirituality
10. bible-sharing (by BCC, weekly and on special occasions)
11. spiritual direction, conferences, colloquium with the formator
12. regular confession

Academic Life

1.  four-year AB philosophy course, with elective minor at the University of San Carlos 
2.  regular inputs on biblical themes and mission of Christ, salvation history, the Gospels
3. to maintain an average of 2.0
4. to attend class punctually
5. organized group studies
6. encouragement to attend lectures and symposia and to develop intellectual talents
7. encouragement to speak English within the formation house
8. special elocution classes right through the four years
9. personal guidance of the prefect of studies and the professors

Apostolic Life

1. church and parish apostolate once a week preferably with youth groups
2. according to year level, to be involved in catechetics
3. yearly exposure to sectoral groups (farmers' communities, fishermen, squatters
4. limited involvement with cause oriented groups on a case to case basis
5. attending seminars and symposia on national social issues

Affective Life

1. Exposure to University life, to the poor and to as broad a cross-section of society as possible
2. individual and group tasks to test initiative, creativity and responsibility
3. avail of lay reflection program
4. regular fraternal correction
5. monthly colloquium with the directors
6. counseling program and group dynamics sessions

Community Life

1. committe structures in the Basic Christian Communities (college style) and other responsibilities
2. encouragement to initiate, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate regular and seasonal activities
3. community celebration of Redemptorist feasts
4. joining in community sports
5. weekly community interaction
6. yearly evaluation and planning


St. Alphonsus' Collegiate Formation House building

College Seminarians (Collegians)

Dormitory (Wake up!)

Cooking Assignment


University of San Carlos 


Research Work

Computer Games? or Writing term paper

Jamming, music practice

Basketball Game

Colloquium with the Director (Fr. Cris)


Study Period

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