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The Stages of Formation


High School graduates who apply to become Redemptorists are sent to the collegiate in Cebu City. They reside at the St. Alphonsus' Collegiate Formation House and attend classes at the University of San Carlos. The collegiate is a four year program at  the end of which the seminarians graduate with an A.B. in Philosophy.


College graduates and professionals who apply to become Redemptorists need not go through the collegiate program in Cebu. After a "come and see" program where they spend three weeks in a Redemptorist monastery or join a Redemptorist mission team, the Aspirants are sent to Davao and live in the Davao Redemptorist community for a year.

Brothers Aspirancy Program

There is a program for those who apply to become Redemptorist brothers.  It is for those who have not yet finished college and for those who are already professionals.  This program is based in Davao. 


Those who have finished the collegiate and the aspirancy move to the next stage of formation which is the postulancy.  This program, which is based in Dumaguete, enables the postulants to experience more intensely the Redemptorist community life and the apostolates, both parish and missions. After eight months, those who decide to continue and are recommended proceed to the next stage which is the novitiate.


The novitiate is a program of  where those who want  to become Redemptorist priests and brothers spend a longer period of time in prayer, study and reflection. They get to know more about the Religious life in general and the Redemptorist life in particular. The novitiate is at present located in Iligan City but will be transferred to Lipa City by 2003 where the novices from the Southern Philippines (Cebu province) will have a joint program with the novices from the Northern Philippines (Manila vice-province).

After one year and six months novitiate, those who decide to become Redemptorists and are recommended make their first profession.


This is the final stage of formation for newly professed Redemptorists who want to become priests and in some cases for brothers in formation. This is a five year program: first two years theology, one year pastoral immersion, last two years in theology. This program is based in Davao at the St. Alphonsus' Theologate. The one year immersion is done with any of the Redemptorist mission teams.

After three years or more, those who are ready and are recommended make their final (or perpetual) profession as Redemptorists. The candidate for the priesthood are ordained to diaconate after their perpetual profession and ordained priests in their final year in theology.

Pastoral Year

Newly ordained Redemptorist priests make their pastoral year in Tacloban. This is a period of apprenticeship as they begin their priestly ministry. They experience the whole gamut of the Redemptorist apostolates: mission, parish ministry, church work, retreats, etc.


A Holistic/Integral Formation Program

In all the stages of formation, the training of Redemptorists covers the various areas of life: Spiritual, Affective, Academic, Apostolic and Community. This is called the SAAAC program. Those in formation are expected to grow and develop in all these areas.

Spiritual Formation

This means growing towards a deeper relationship with the person of Christ through prayer, meditation, recollection, celebration of the sacraments (especially the Eucharist and penance), spiritual direction. This requires the development of the contemplative dimension of one's life and learning to discern the presence and activity of  the Spirit in every  situation following the spirituality of St. Alphonsus. This also requires an ongong process of conversion.

Affective Formation

A very important area of growth and development is the affective dimension of life. This simply means becoming more human, understanding oneself, recognizing one's gifts, accepting one's limitations, developing the capacity for intimacy and friendship, and learning how to relate with others deeply in a mature and chaste manner.

Academic Formation

An academic-intellectual formation is needed to prepare one for ministry. Those in formation are expected to acquire knowledge in various fields -- philosophy, social sciences, scriptures, theology, etc. They also develop the lifelong habit of study and reflection.

Apostolic Formation

The formation program is designed to prepare the Redemptorists for pastoral and apostolic ministry. This means imbibing Christ's compassion and preferential option for the poor and the needy, and learning more about the Redemptorist apostolates.This also requires developing skills needed for ministry and mission: facilitating, organizing, preaching, leadership, etc.

Community Formation

Since community life is an essential dimension of the Redemptorist life, those who aspire to become Redemptorists are trained to live in community. They learn to live as brothers and friends and to actively participate in the life and activities of the community.