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Since the early 1970s the Redemptorists in the Southern Philippines have been blessed by the active participation of full time lay cooperators in the various Redemptorist apostolates such as the missions and parishes. 
There are at present 32 lay missioners who are members of the Redemptorist mission teams. There are 26 lay cooperators working in the various Redemptorist parishes. There are also 12 who are involved in formation.

The Redemptorist Lay Cooperators Association (RELCA) is the association that brings together the lay people who are actively and directly involved in the apostolates and in the formation ministry. The RELCA celebrates int 25th anniversary this year (2002). It has established it own structure and has produced its Handbook. The Lay Secretariat (LS) serves as the "think-tank" of the association and works closely with the Apostolic Secretariat (AS). One lay cooperator sits as member of the AS.

Each apostolic unit is responsible for the training of  their lay cooperators. The Alphonsian Lay Formation Institute (ALFI) provides basic formation to new recruits.

The lay cooperators share in the life, mission, charism and spirituality of the Redemptorist congregation while at the same time nurturing their unique and distinct spirituality as lay people.

A lay missioner conducting a seminar 

Some of the lay cooperators with a Redemptorist