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    The Redemptorists in Southern Philippines are engaged in mission work. There are at present five mission teams: The Central Visayas Mission Team based in Dumaguete, the Eastern Visayas Mission Team based in Tacloban, the Western Visayas Mission Team based in Iloilo, the Bacolod Mission Team and the Redemptorist Itinerant Mission Team operating in Mindanao. These teams are  composed of Redemptorist priests, brothers and lay missioners. 

    Mission Teams are sent to the barrios and sitios in the various parishes and dioceses and  carry out  the task of evangelizing the poor and building up the basic Ecclesial communities (BECs).The BECs that are built up and strengthened have the following characteristics:

         1. They are small communities whose members live in fellowship and communion with one another and in solidarity with their pastors (priests and bishops)

          2. They are prophetic communities that are evangelized and evangelizing -- that proclaim the Gospel by their word and witness of life

          3. They are worshipping communities whose members actively participate in the celebration of their faith and life

          4. They are servant communities working for social transformation and struggling for justice, peace and the integrity of creation.

           5. They emerge among the poor at the grassroots.

    In order to form the BECs, the mission teams do the following:

            1. Facilitate the deepening of unity and solidarity among the members of each community and among communities within the parish, thereby creating a networko of fellowship or communion within and between communities.

            2. Provide basic evangelization and education that leads to personal conversion and growth in faith (by means of seminars and biblico-theological reflections).

            3. Help set-up structures by which the communities can actively participate in the priestly, prophetic and pastoral mission of Jesus and the Church and become worshipping, witnessing and serving communities:

                 - organize bible-sharing groups among the clusters of neighboring families
                - make the Sunday paraliturgical services more creative and participative
                -challenge the people to respond to their socio-economic needs as well as to pressing issues such as development, justice, ecology, etc.

           4. Train/form qualified and committed leaders who will facilitate the on-going total development of the people in their respective communities.

    In circumstances where the mission teams encounter people of different faith and cultures (Muslims, Tribal Filipinos, etc.), they promote inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue regarding faith and life.