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The Parish Ministry

Since the late sixties and the early seventies, the Redemptorists in Southern Philippines have been running parishes. There are at present five parishes:  Mother of Perpetual Help parish (Cebu), St. Clement's parish (Ioilo), the Holy Redeemer parish (Dumaguete), Mother of Perpetual Help parish (Tacloban), and Mother of Perpetual Help parish (Davao), 

The parochial ministry involves the building of Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs). Thus, our parishes have become networks of small christian communities or BECs where ordinary Catholics can live as worshipping, evangelizing and serving communities. In our parishes, the lay leaders are formed and empowered to lead their respective communities and ministries.

Our parishes are also the venue for experimenting and developing new methods in building BECs that can be used by the mission teams. Evangelization seminars, festival of faith, the visita familia, and men's fellowship modules  were developed in the the Mother of Perpetual Help parish in Davao, 

Parish ministry also involves pastoral care, liturgical services, and fostering church organizations. Inspired by our own charism, we integrate into the overall pastoral program and plans of the local Church and coordinate with diocesan organizations and activities.

Together with our lay cooperators we encourage wide participation among our parishioners and parish organizations in the drawing up realistic plans and programs which reflect our option for the poor.

Various socio-economic programs have been started in our parishes: credit cooperatives, income generating projects, community based health programs, ecology, etc.

Thus, there are ongoing mission, evangelization and the building up of basic ecclesial communities in the Redemptorist parishes.