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The retreat ministry involves Redemptorists in conducting retreats and recollections for the clergy, religious and laity amongs whom the youth have a special place. Through this ministry, the Redemptorists strive to lead people to greater awareness of their Christian calling and witnessing to their vocation as lay people in their own ecclesial communities. This ministry is carried out in our own retreat houses or elsewhere.

There are three Redemptorist retreat houses in the Southern Phillipines: the Holy Family Retreat House in Cebu, the Scala Retreat House in Bacolod, and the St. Clement's Retreat House in Iloilo.

Our Retreat Houses serve the local Church through retreats and seminars for the diocesan  clergy, religious and lay people. We give preference to retreats and seminars organized by the poor.

Our Retreat Houses are creating an atmosphere conducive to prayer, personal reflection, sharing, liturgical celebration. They strive to bring about a change in attitude, integration of faith and life, richer family living and greater social awareness.

In line with our option for the poor, we make available our retreat houses to the poor, especially those from our mission areas and other apostolates.

The Holy Family Retreat House, Nivel Hills, Cebu City