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The Redemptorist Pastoral Resource Center (RPRC)

One of the recommendations of the Apostolic Secretariat which was approved by the Provincial Chapter of 1999 was the setting up of the Redemptorist Pastoral Resource Center (RPRC), based in Davao that would provide assistance to the Apostolic Units and the local churches they are serving in terms of the following:
    • Provision of various materials including BEC books, primers, modules, audi-visuals aids
    • Come up with modules and seminar kits needed in the parish and mission apostolate and for youth ministry.
    • Provide resource persons on BEC formation 
According to the recommendation "a Redemptorist would be in-charge but would have a lay staff. The Center would be funded by the province."

After the chapter, Fr. Amado Picardal was appointed by the Apostolic Secretariat as the director of RPRC. Nardo Pamat, a parish worker in Davao, has been asked to be a part time staff of the resource center. 

The office of the Redemptorist Pastoral Resource Center located at the ground floor of the Redemptorist Monastery in Davao.The center is equipped with a computer, printer and scanner. The resource materials are produced and kept in this office.

The tasks of the center are the following:

  • Gathering and compiling of existing resource materials including books, primers, modules, audio-visual aids that will be made available to various apostolic units and local churches
  • Development and Production of resource materials that will be useful to the different apostolic units and the local churches.
  • Distribution of these resource materials to our apostolic units and to parishes and dioceses.
      • Providing Resource Persons for BEC formation to the Apostolic Units and the local Churches.
      1. Amado L. Picardal, Building BECs: Ecclesiogical Vision, Strategic Framework, Implication for Priestly Ministry. (available for distribution) 
      2. Amado Picardal and RMT, MagBibliambit Kita (available for distribution)
      3. Redemptorist Itinerant Mission Team, Mga Giya sa Pagtuon Alang sa BEC/GKK (available for distribution)
      4. Bert Cacayan Gabayan sa Pagtuki sa Biblia (available for distribution)
      5. Amado Picardal, Awit sa GKK (text and tape for BEC-Orientation and Evangelization Seminars (available for distribution)
      6. Cebuano and English Bibles (available for distribution)
      1. List of Resource Materials being developed and produced 
    (will be made available by September 2001)
      1. Module: Festival of Faith (BEC evangelization-orientation Seminar)
      2. Module: BEC Intensive Orientation Seminar
      3. Song Book: Mag-awit Kita
      4. Mga Pag-ampo sa GKK (para sa PSL)
      5. Module: Kristohanong Banay
      6. Module: Youth Seminar 
      7. Module: Menís Fellowship
      B. Other Resource Materials that will be produced

      (will be made availabe by March 2001)

      1. Kristohanong Pagtoo ug Kinabuhi (a basic catechesis for BECs)
      2. Module: Basic Bible Seminar
      3. Primer: Setting up Socio-Economic Programs for BECs
      4. A Manual for Building & Strengthening Basic Ecclesial Communities

      2. A brochure with a list of available resource materials and sample copies will be sent to the various apostolic units, dioceses and parishes. Those interested can send their orders to the Redemptorist Pastoral Resource Center. 

      The director of RPRC has been giving BEC seminars to various groups, dioceses and parishes. He and his staff will continue to be available to the apostolic units and local churches. The center will also collaborate with other resource persons belonging to other units. The center can give seminars on the following:
      1. Basic Orientation on Basic Ecclesial Communities: PCP II Vision
      2. Building Basic Ecclesial Communities: Strategic Framework
      3. How to Give BEC evangelization/orientation Seminars (using the modules developed by the RPRC)
      4. Music Seminar (songs for BEC evangelization/orientation seminars)
      5. Strategic Planning and Pastoral Management
      6. BEC Leadership Formation
      These seminars can be given to the various apostolic units, to the diocesan clergy interested in setting up BECs in ther dioceses and parishes, to their lay collaborators and lay leaders.

      Those interested will contact the Redemptorist Pastoral Resource Center to schedule the seminars. During the school year, due to time limitations seminars will be given during weekends for apostolic units and parishes (Saturday-Sunday), and Mondays and Tuesdays for the clergy. During the summer months, weeklong seminars can be given. The center will also collaborate with our Retreat Houses (Iloilo, Bacolod and Cebu) in offering BEC seminars and workshops during the summer months.