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Updates from Dumaguete Redemptorist  Community



Not only are we currently occupied preparing for the approaching Christmas celebrations, we are likewise doubling our efforts preparing for the closing of our mission follow-up in several puroks of one of the biggest barangays within our parish which is Daro, covering the puroks of Kalubihan, Gregorio del Pilar (Ma. Asuncion Village, where the Dumaguete Science High School is situated and Governor Arnaiz is residing), Balono (near the Chinese cemetery), Israel, and Kolonan (where the public market is).


            By the way, in contrast to the participation of the people in those areas which we followed up previously, the present areas so far have shown  less interest in some activities. Our analysis is that these areas are closest to the heart of the city. We have always entertained the feeling, and we were right in saying, that urban mission is a great challenge in getting the people (young and old) to be involved. City life is far different from the life in the rural areas. Integration and immersion are possible solutions to the problem but we have a very limited time for this as two weeks had been sliced from the expected six weeks allotted for the mission follow-up together with the postulants due to the postulancy midyear evaluation and to the Psycho-Spiritual Integration II in Bacolod City and other church activities. We expect to wind up on December 10.


      The following information will show the progress so far achieved, the difficulties notwithstanding:


1.   There are eight Bible sharing groups organized (adult and youth)

2.   There are a total of 90 children fed, attended by the parish staff and postulants Ryan Joseph Parantar, Jeofrey Lagos, and Jose Arnel Rallos.

3.   There are 14 houses blessed.

4.   There are 14 sick and elderly visited and given Holy Communion.

5.   Gave BEC-WESTY orientations.

6.   Bible orientation at purok Del Pilar.

7.   Youth gathering held at Ma. Asuncion Village with 33 youth attended. Theme: “We are the church, and we are young.” Its objective: “To reflect, be united, and/or realize our role and participation in the church, particularly in our parish.” Postulants Ryan, Jeofrey, Arnel and Gary facilitated the activities and inputs. Supervising and assisting were parish staff Gloria Elvira, Malou Bohol and Delfa Tatoy.

8.   Redemptorist parish youth recollection.


Fiesta Baptism


            About 98 children were baptized in the church last November 25 with over 700 sponsors. In fact, there were just too many that we had to arrange two slots to accommodate them. The pre-Jordan seminar was given a day before, November 24, after which pre-Jordan IDs were distributed.


Advent Sundays


            For this year, we are giving importance to the family’s involvement, hence, we chose families parishwide to light the Advent wreath during the Masses, viz:


1.   Ist Sunday of Advent: Families from Looc and Piapi

2.   2nd Sunday of Advent: Families from Buñao, Pulantubig, and Cacasje.

3.   3rd Sunday of Advent: Families from Daro South, Daro North

4.   4th Sunday of Advent: Families from Laguan and Bantayan.


Dinner for a Cause


            Took place last November 13, 2004. It was successful and we acknowledge with sincere thanks the great help and support of the church grounds committee headed by Mr. Adriano Gregorio for a job well done!


Children’s Confession


            Over 80 children from ABC Learning Center made their confession before Fr. Arnel, C.Ss.R. and Msgr. Ferreron (73 years old diocesan priest), and the following day, Dec. 4 at 7:45 a.m. these children received their first Holy Communion in a Holy Mass celebrated for them together with their parents and teachers. Fr. Arnel was the celebrant.


National Youth Day


            This gathering of the youth was held in Bacolod City last November 25 lasting up to the 28th The Diocese of Dumaguete sent the largest number of delegates — 155 youth!


Diocesan Youth Day


            Not to be outdone, this activity is also set on December 11. Some 2,000 youth will assemble in the Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church grounds for registration and a short orientation and welcome after which they will proceed to the St. Louis School — Don Bosco grounds for more activities on worship and formation.


Incoming Activities


1.   Eucharistic ministers’ congress, diocesan level at St. Paul’s University on December 11.

2.   Mother Butlers congress at St. Joseph Seminary on December 12.


            Information on these activities will be forthcoming. Advance Christmas greetings to one and all!