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Redemptorists, Cebu Province

Moved by the poverty and dehumanized condition of our people
and encouraged by their faith and desire for justice

We, the Redemptorists of the Province of Cebu,
as an apostolic community dedicated through our vows,
are called to respond to the urgent needs of our people,
especially the most abandoned and the poor,
in partnership with our lay cooperators
and in communion with the local Church.

While acknowledging the weaknesses at times of our apostolic response
as individuals and as community,
we draw strength from our Redemptorist tradition of missionary dynamism
and of working in and through community.

Impelled by the Spirit and challenged by the poor whom we are sent to evangelize,
we now commit ourselves anew
to bear prophetic witness to the merciful love of the Father
and to proclaim the plentiful redemption of Christ the Redeemer
by our lives and our preaching.

Towards this end, we further commit ourselves
to a deeper personal and communal conversion to Christ and his mission;
to a renewed effort to improve the quality of our community life on the human
and faith levels;
to a renewed integral and inculturated evangelization in the spirit of PCP II and  our recent General Chapters,
promoting the new way of being Church through Basic EcclesialCommunities.

With the guidance of the Spirit
and the unfailing assistance of Mary, our Mother of Perpetual Help,
we shall then be a province that work together
to help bring about among our people
the growth of God's Kingdom proclaimed by the Redeemer,
a Kingdom of Justice, Peace, Love and the fullness of life for all.